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SABINE SCHASCHL:follow me to the rightI believe that an important "building block" of your works is "staging" spatial installations or strategic settings that allude to psychological mechanisms
eliciting human actions. How much strategy in fact is involved in this; or are your "stagings" simple ways of referring to your everyday observations?

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Waterpoint   MARTIN WALDE:follow me to the rightWhen presenting any of my works for the first time, they are at the beginning, nothing but an assumption or a claim. This claim may be incomprehensible, fragmentary, or even "erroneous". It is onh when this "working fragment" comes in contact with the visitor that I learn something about its potential. Putting a work on display, no matter what, is a strategy. I experience my work, I don't create it; it just evolves. Visitors interfere and change it even though they remain passiv e, i.e. don't do anything at all. The manner in which the work develops is influenced by a manipulation applied either individually or collectively. There are many experiences that are important for future "conditions", but I don't want to infer a general methodology from these experiences. Also, it is difficult for me at the start to assess the potential a given work harbors. For this, I need to show the same work again and again, I need to experience it myself and take part in it. This results in a chain of events on which the setting may impinge at any point in time. So yes, there is a staging,
but it is not derived from the subject's potential and the functional requirements of the works.
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    SS:follow me to the rightHow are these notions put into practice?    

MW:follow me to the rightEach setting develops differently and starts from very different conditions. Shrinking Bottles / Melting Bottles, for example, is a script that consists of about thirty single-page storyboards. The same scene is repeated over and over again. We find ourselves in a parallel universe that offers shrinking bottles as products. As soon as the bottle is empty, it shrinks. In another world there are melting bottles. Empty bottles are melted in a melting compactor at home. Single-page scripts describe these fictitious bottle products in trivial everyday scenes featuring banal domestic squabbling. Originally, this was a script for a series of videos that revolved around the question as to what a world of shrinking and melting bottles may actually look like. I began to work on a simple arrangement designed to demonstrate the way in which the Melting Compactor functions. The following question

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