Index der Arbeiten:  
Aftermath Forever sticky and wet NIC Soft Floor
Alien Latex Fridge Rose No Man (NOMAN) Solaris
Alien Substance Frog Chorus NOFF #1 Spoons
Angry Man | E Frogs NOFF #2 Squash Virus
Bag-Turn-Brick Froschquintett NOFF #3 St. Germain | E
Ball-Turn-Bag Füsse | E NOFF #4 Stabilizing Aqueous Foam
Battle Angel (The) Garage Nur Einmal... | E Steam Rice
Big Bag Bang Global Substance On Ground | E Storyboards
(The) Big Perch Global Tool Performative Interaction (A) Stream of Cream
Black Soap (The) Green Pinocchio Styromouse
Bubbles | E Green Frog Bath Soap PINO-INO Suicide | E
Blue Dolphin Green Gel Pipa | E Sunken Dream | E
Blurrping Haarbälle Plastic Bag / Cotton Wool (The) Swamp
Brothers and Sisters | E HAL Memory Production Limits Switch
C'est mon toit | E Hallucigenia Psywom Tales of P.P.
Can you give me something? Hallucigenia Products Putzen | E (The) Tea-Set
Candle Handmates Red Glove The Phantom Returns
Candles | E Heuhaufen Red Star (The) Thin Red Line
Carrying the chairs out of town Humming Reinventing the Obvious Tie or Untie
Chanel | E I am the Spirit | E Reservoir To Carry Around
Clips of Slips | E I'm The Voice | E (The) Reversal of Hallucigenia Totaler Stillstand | E
Concoctions (The) Invisible Line Ribbon | E Tu Feu? | E
(The) Constant Gardener | E Jelly Soap Rolling Worm Universal Foam
Continually Spreading Substance Key Spirit Rope / Suction Cups Unkown Substance, Continually Spreading
Crazy Jane L.C. / Enactments | E Schlabbertisch Up And Down | E
Cryonic Summer Liquid Dispenser Scissorhands | E Waterpoint
Deadly Night Shade Loony Seidenpapiermadonna (The) Web
Der Duft der verblühenden Alpenrose Loosing Control | E Self-Containing-Reservoir White Running Shoes | E
Der Regen hat eine angenehme Temperatur Manifesto Shades in a Shadow Window Spitting
Der Regen hat eine angenehme Temperatur | E Manufacturing translucent-soaps from... Shoes | E Wolving | E
Don't Know | E Melting Bottles Shoetops Woobie #1
Drop Card | E Melting Bottles / Shrinking Bottles Shoe Walking Woobie #2
Eden Springs Melting Compactor Shrinking Bottles / Melting Bottles Worm Complex
Ein Ball – Wenig Luft Memory Shots | E Siamese Shadows Writing On Ground | E
Elian Midnight | E Sink | E Yellow | E
Enactments | E Mud Hole Sink Chin | E Yellow Kid
Extendable Chain NAM Sleeping Beauty (The) Yellow Line | E
First Scripts | E Nature's Own Flexible Facsimile (NOFF) Soap Fear  
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