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NOFF #3  
  Available texts, in which NOFF #3 is mentioned:  
Proximity The Scent of the fading Alpine Rose and
NOFF #1 other Essences in the Poetic Labyrinth | Annelie Pohlen
NOFF #2 from: Martin Walde – HUMMING
NOFF #4  

Leaving something open to evolution... | Jens Asthoff

  Martin Walde's work as performative interaction
  from: Martin Walde HUMMING
  Open Borders | Martin Walde and Jens Asthoff
  from: Martin Walde – Villa Arson, Nice & Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
Martin Walde (Nice | Nordhorn)  
Jens Asthoff  
Martin Walde