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Concoctions (from 1996)
  Available texts in which Concoctions is mentioned:  

Alien substance | Monika Wagner

Blurrping the tactile experience of unconventional materials
  from: Martin Walde - A Second Home for Schrödinger's Cat

Molecules and Models| Rainer Metzger

  Comments on Martin Walde's Waterpoint
  from: Martin Walde – HUMMING
  Open Borders | Martin Walde and Jens Asthoff
  from: Martin Walde – Villa Arson, Nice & Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
A Second Home for Schrödinger's Cat  
Martin Walde (Nice | Nordhorn)  
Jens Asthoff  
Rainer Metzger  
Monika Wagner  
    Concoctions, intallation view, MARTa Herford, 2010